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My involvement

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The client came to me looking for a whole new rebranding of their company, as they felt that their current branding wasn't communicating with their target audience.

Looking at what they had on hand and who their target audience is, I did some research on their strongest competitors and how they are communicating with their audiences.

We took a different, but vibrant approach to the branding, incorporating the orange to red colours, creating a sense of energy and trust.

Suretel Landing.png

UX research

My initial usability tests lead me to a big problem on their website. 
The users had way too many options, breaking Hick's Law. (the simple idea that says that the more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decision.)

I then condensed their information, leading the users to have fewer choices to look at, but initially lead to faster form submissions, generating leads for the sales team.

The Ui was then designed according to the brand and the UX information I generated on my tests.

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