Paytota gave me quite an instructive brief on how they want the app to look and feel.

The app is a financial app that significantly increases the speed of transactions and transfers between accounts you list as a user.

The app needs to be fun and interactive with a 3D illustration of characters and elements. 

The primary target audience is users in Uganda and needs to portrait their usage of apps.

Make sure the user journey is simple enough for the user to achieve their goal.

paytota screens 2.png

The User Journey

Sign Up

Confirmation Email

Option selection 

Recipient selection


As simple as that

The challenges

A language barier was quite a big problem I faced during this project, adding on to the new payment systems I had to learn.

I had to diverentiate this system from any system Uganda is used to, by creating a fun, interactive brand experience.

The solution

I used the language barier to my advantage, by creating a space where Paytota had to explain the company, process and procedures in the simplest way possible.

This guided the structure of the design and journey.

I used a sprint design system that helped in focusing on the brand structure as well as Ui design.

I then moved onto agile methodology to develop the full app structure with the client.

paytota 3d.png
paytota man.png.jpg